Thoughts Create September 07 2013, 0 Comments

"If you have a dream.. Living it is already in progress, because, you can't fulfil dreams you don't have.. so, enjoy them and move forward and live your dreams fully!" (Patricia M Trexler - Pennsylvania US - 6 Nov 2009)

Look around you, everything you see was a thought, either in someone's mind or in the Mind of God, before it became a thing. It is easy to realize that about tangible things but what about intangible things, like war or racism, poverty or prosperity, peace and harmony or anger and abuse?

I realized one day that I was sitting there talking myself right into a major snit and the person I was focusing on didn't have a clue that the minute he walked through the door he was going to be hit with a snit ball of fire. Can anyone relate? We all have a choice to make about how we feel or react in any given situation. We may not be able to control a situation but we ALWAYS have a choice about how to respond to that situation. Today, when you are tempted to respond in anger or any other negative emotion, ask yourself, what is my desired outcome to this situation and will responding that way give me the outcome I desire. Peace is a conscious choice. Many Blessings