Pets Love Them September 07 2013, 0 Comments

We humans realize that all that electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) pollution is not healthy for us but we forget that our pets are subjected to the same EMF pollution that we are. I think animals may be even more stressed by it than we are. We have all heard of the dogs that can sense when an epileptic seizure is coming on. How do they do that?

Scientific research was done using DNA which was taken from the cheek of a human volunteer and isolated in another room. The volunteer was then asked to generate a very powerful emotional reaction. When the volunteer had the reaction, the DNA isolated in the other room had the exact same reaction at exactly the same time. They then took that DNA 300 miles away and repeated the experiment with the exact same results.

We love on our pets and they love on us right back so DNA is exchanged and our pets will pick up on our emotional and physical responses. We will pick up on theirs as well, but our minds have so much monkey chatter going on all the time that the majority of us are not intuitive enough to realize what is happening. So our pets feel not only their own EMF stress but they feel ours as well.

One day while we were visiting my sister-in-law I commented that her little dog Skeeto never slept in his bed. She said no, he hated his bed. I gave her a bio-energetic pendant to put in his bed and the next time we went down, there Skeeto was sound asleep in his bed. She said he just loved his bed now. So the next time she let the dog out to take care of his business I took the pendant out from under Skeeto's blanket. Skeeto came running back in and up to his bed and it was like one of those animals running in a cartoon and then all of a sudden putting the brakes on. Instead of just flopping down on his bed the way he had been, he looked at all of us like something was very wrong. He gingerly stepped into his bed and scratched and spun and scratched and spun and would not settle. I finally went over to his bed with the pendant in my fist and slipped it under his blanket. He took a deep sigh and laid right down.

When I got my little girl from the shelter she had been on her own for a while. I found out later that her family had moved and just left her. Being a very loving and loyal dog, I can only imagine how traumatized she must have been. Because the bio-energetic jewelry help clear negative cellular memory, I put one on her immediately and I was amazed at the change in her.