Cell Phone Discs

These cell phone discs have all the same frequencies as the rest of the jewelry and are proven to block 88% of the harmful pollution coming off your cell phone. We have no place on our bodies to carry a cell phone that isn't over a vital organ or a joint and the cell phone can cause pain and distress.

Cell phones have been shown to reduce sperm count and mobility and many doctors who treat couples for fertility issues are now telling young couples to get those electronics away from their reproductive organs. 

De-Kun Li, Hong Chen, Jeannette R. Ferber, Roxana Odouli & Charles Quesenberry 2017. The increased risk of miscarriage associated with high Magnetic Fields was consistently observed regardless of the sources of high MF. The association was much stronger if MF was measured on a typical day of participants’ pregnancies. Scientific Reports volume 7, Article number: 17541 (2017)