Crystal Dangles Energy Therapy Earrings


These earrings are sure to attract attention with their three Swarovski crystal dangles catching the light.

These handmade, one of a kind dichroic glass energy earrings have been programmed with thousands of Healing Frequencies from 4 different healing frequency generators to help protect you from the electro-magnetic pollution from cell and cordless phones, computers, hair dryers, microwaves, and even the dashboard of the car, etc. They reduce stress, balance polarity, clear negative cellular memory (PTSD), they improve memory, balance, focus, and concentration, they help protect you not only from your own negative thoughts and emotions but those of others in your environment, as well, they increase energy, and work on certain kinds of pain . And all those are just a FEW of the things these pendants are programmed to do.

You might think, oh, I have a piece of dichroic jewelry in my jewelry box but unless you got it from one of the few people who program them, they do not have the frequencies imprinted into them, and they are NOT all created equally, in any case. That is why I sign the back of my pendants so that you will always know which one is programmed.

Your bio-energetic jewelry will come with a free neck cord, if you purchased a pendant and a gift box. These earrings make great gifts for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer, cell or cordless phone, driving or around machinery. Balance, focus and concentration improve with these pendants so academic and athletic performances are greatly enhanced.

Autistic, ADD and ADHD people are very sensitive to electro-magnetic pollution and have had wonderful and instant results with bio-energetic jewelry.

Wear your bio-energetic jewelry for 30 days and feel the difference.

You will notice

  • Less fatigue after a day at the computer
  • Less stress
  • Less neck and shoulder fatigue
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Less anxiety, irritability, nervousness and tension
  • Superior EMF protection

Size: The Bioenergetic Stone is approximatedly 1/2" round and total length is 1.75"

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