I am a research scientist and spent my career doing cancer research so when I met Claudia and she told me and showed 
me what her pendants could do, I have to admit that I was very skeptical but my wife, a nurse, and I purchased them anyway. 
I had had years of chronic back pain with no relief. Within 48 hours of putting on my pendant, all my back pain was gone. 
Nothing else had changed in those 48 hours. I don't understand it but it definitely worked and months later I am still free of back 
pain.  A. Buckley, Colorado



"I had the opportunity to test a cell phone whose antenna was boosted with a microchip to get four times greater reception than a regular cell phone. To me, that means 4x's more chaotic EMF's harming the user. The phone alone tested 9 negative, 1 positive, with a pendant the phone became 10 positive and ZERO negative. Meaning completely free of harm. The owner of the phone was impressed." -- Rebecca Aeschbaccher, SSHH (Sacred Solutions for Health & Healing)


"I immediatley felt a calming shift in my energies as soon as I put on the beautiful Bio-Energetic pendant! My energies shifted again (again for the better) after I put on the bracelet along with the pendant necklace. I had been having trouble staying awake and concentrating when on the computer but wearing the Bio-Energetic pendant (plus the Bio-Energetic bracelet) I was able to stay awake, get my work done and be on the computer for over an hour." -- P.W., California


Dear Claudia,

I just wanted to write and let you know how impressed I was with the Bio-energetic Revitalizer pendant.I live close to 14 TV towers and I always felt on edge, uptight and stressed out. As soon as I put on the Revitalizer pendant, within seconds, this big wave of calm came over me. It came over me so fast, it was unbelievable. I keep the pendant on 24 hours a day, just to remain in this calm state. Also, my mind cleared and my thinking became clearer. One day, after taking a bath I forgot to put my pendant back on and after two hours, I felt terrible. I quickly went to get my pendant and again, a wave of calm came over me.

Also, the 6" energy plate has worked like a miracle. Acidic fruit juices become smooth and even wine tastes better and less bitter. Foods tast better and even bottled water tastes sweet. I will always use the revitalizer plate from now on.

Thanks, Nikki McD. 



I wanted to send this note to share my experience with the pendant. After we spoke I put my pendant back on and noticed a dramatic difference in my back the very next day. I hae had no pains, stiffness or tightness in my upper back and neck since I put it on.

I was involved in a car accident which totaled my car. I suffered a double whiplash and a back and neck injury. I spent months in physical therapy trying to strengthen my upper back. I was experiencing a burning pain and stiffness which made it difficult for me to drive and work.

I must say, I had purchased a pendant a while ago but it was in my jewelry box. After we spoke, I put the pendant on and noticed the next day that I had no more pain. I did nothing different in my activity. I only wish I would have put the pendant on right after the accident happened. I am truly grateful to you and Dr. LaMar and feel very blessed to have this pendant.

Health and Happiness

Holly Lowry


I had a lady, I will call her Mary, that came to three shows, back to back, that I did in Kansas City. The first show she bought one pendant. the second show she came running up to my booth and exclaimed " I have to tell you about this stone. " She said that before she started wearing her pendant, her boss made her cry EVERY single day. After she started wearing her pendant she went on, her boss couldn't make her cry and she would not go to work without it. She said that if she got to work and had forgotten her pendant she would turn around and go back for it, even if it meant she was later for work. She bought 3 more at the second show. 10 days later her next door neighbor called wanting to know when we were coming back to KC. I told her and asked why and she explained that her neighbor had loaned her one of her stones and she said, " I am NOT giving it back until I get one of my own," They both came to the next show and both bought more pendants.


Susan Goehring Grisamore
  • I purchased one of your pendants at my Hair Studio (Salon Burget) in Lenexa, Kansas. I have a dear friend who is going to have to have a liver transplant and loves my pendant. (Mine is a brillant aqua) She would like one very similar in color to mine. Would that be possible or do you have one already made that color? I've been telling her how wonderful I have been feeling ever since I received the pendant. I wear it everyday and always get tons of complements on it. Thank you so much for your beautiful creations!